Thirteen Things to Take to Round Top

13 Things to Take to Round Top Antiques Show
Round Top Register Drivin' Guide Antiques Show Map

We talked to veteran show goers to come up with a list that includes thirteen things to take to Round Top during the antiques show.

1. Sunscreen
2. Collapsible wagon or wheeled tote
3. Cash
4. Water
5. Measuring tape
6. Note pad and pen
7. Patience (You will likely sit in traffic. Real traffic. Not “rush hour in Round Top traffic.”)
8. Our “Drivin’ Guide to the Round Top Antiques Show.”
9. A good plan for communicating with others in your group because cell coverage is very spotty.

Round Top Boots and a Mud Puddle

10. Rain boots (Earlier this year the Roundtopolis had rain to spare. Colorful rain boots make mud fun.)
11. Closed-toe, comfortable shoes made for walking. (No need to ruin a good pedicure traipsing over caliche and rock paths. These are repurposed cow pastures you know.)
12. Toilet paper (Port-a-potties are in high demand. Supplies can be unpredictable.)
13. A good attitude and sense of adventure (Refer to No. 7. You’re on Round Top time, enjoy it, strike up a conversation and just experience the magic that is Round Top.)

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